The convenience of the LeasePlan WhatsApp Assistant

Our WhatsApp assistant is the easiest way to contact us for:

Reach out at whatsappicon 800DRIVER (800 374837)

Service direct

LeasePlan’s Contact Centre assists in service bookings, damage handling, providing service updates, addressing queries or complaint resolution. With a seamless liaison with the dealership network, the Service Direct team ensures all requests are logged and tracked until satisfactorily completed.

Call: 800 DRIVER (800 374837)

LeasePlan driver's manual

As your leasing partner, our aim is to ensure you have a trouble-free driving experience. This Driver's Manual has been created especially for our Full Service Vehicle Users. It is a handy guide on LeasePlan services, maintenance and repairs and other pertinent details about your leased car.

Download LeasePlan driver's manual

Your vehicle insurance documents

When you drive a LeasePlan car, you can have the peace of mind that the necessary insurance is in place. You can find all details here:

Motor Insurance PolicyVehicle Insurance Policy Against Loss and DamageVehicle Insurance Policy Against Third Party Liability

Hand back your car with peace of mind

When you return your vehicle to LeasePlan, an SGS specialist will carry out a vehicle assessment report. First SGS will check the interior of the vehicle and confirm that the vehicle documents, along with the other items that came with the car, are all present.

Second, in terms of the exterior of the vehicle, SGS will make a vehicle condition assessment based on the “Fair Wear and Tear” guidelines. The fair wear and tear assessment will be a detailed account of the damage that falls within acceptable levels and, on the other hand, that which will be billed to the customer because it falls outside the scope of normal use of the vehicle.

Should there be excessive wear and tear and thus charges billed to your company, a copy of the report will be sent along with the invoice.

To avoid any disagreement or misunderstanding, it is always a good idea to declare any incidents or areas of concern within 24 hours of returning the vehicle - even if it does not seem to be material. If there are obvious dents or damages it is recommended you get a Police or SAEED report before handing the vehicle over to LeasePlan.

Please download a copy of the Unfair Wear and Tear Guidelines, either for your passenger vehicle or LCV, below.

> Fair Wear and Tear Guidelines

> Fair Wear and Tear Guidelines for LCVs

> Vehicle return self assessment