Moving your company forward: Leasing for business

Flexible, affordable and hassle free

Moving your company forward: Leasing for business

Flexible, affordable and hassle free

Whether you've got one car or a fleet, leasing makes driving easier. Choose the right vehicle. Pay a fixed monthly fee. And hit the road – without any worries.

The benefits of leasing


Reduce costs

Benefit from LeasePlan Emirates' purchasing power to pay less for your vehicles and services.


Reduce administration

Leasing actually makes purchasing and managing company vehicles easier. Experienced financial and business experts can assist you in finding the right vehicle for your business and unburden you from all the administrative and management tasks. You can even outsource these tasks entirely to focus only on your core activities.


Eliminate risk

If you lease a company vehicle, all the risks are transferred to the leasing company. The leasing company estimates the residual value of the vehicle and bears the risk.

Services included



LeasePlan provides specific scheduled maintenance plans for all vehicles, working in line with the vehicle manufacturers. As we are one the largest fleet management companies in UAE, we avail of bulk discounts in areas such as servicing, parts and labour. These discounts are in turn passed on to our customers.

Tyre Change_L


Tyre management is another service provided by LeasePlan for our customers. LeasePlan looks after all elements of tyre replacements including damage, wear & tear, wheel alignment and punctures.

Cost of Driving_L

Registration and Insurance

LeasePlan manages all aspects of vehicle Registration and Insurance for our customers. We have a dedicated department who are responsible for co-ordinating both new and renewal of vehicle registration and insurance.

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