Private Lease Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in an Operating Lease? We purchase brand new vehicles from almost any make and  model directly from the dealers based on your requirement. You get to select  the vehicle model, trim level and colour options, along with the lease duration  and mileage allowance. We offer 2-year, 3-year and 4-year leasing durations and  pricing is based on your estimated annual kilometres driven. The cost of the lease includes all maintenance,  repairs, tyre costs, insurance, registration, roadside assistance, accident  management and replacement vehicle.What is the insurance coverage? We offer full comprehensive insurance. In the event of an accident, if you are not deemed at fault according to the police report, you do  not have to pay anything. If you are deemed at fault, your liability is only up to AED 520 per accident.Who manages SALIK/DARB and traffic fines? We manage the administration of Traffic Fines and Toll  Charges. All vehicles are registered with the authorities. We pay any charges  incurred directly to the authorities and invoice these charges back to you with  a 10% administration charge.What happens if I drive more than the agreed mileage? In such cases you will be charged an excess mileage fee per  kilometre as stated in your contract. It is also possible to recalculate your  monthly rate going forward to avoid the excess mileage charges.Where are the vehicles maintained? We have a network of certified garages across the UAE which  adhere to the highest service standards. This also allows us to schedule your  vehicle maintenance within 24 hours of your request in most cases and to  collect, service and return the vehicle to you within the same day under normal  circumstances.Do you allow 4x4 vehicles to be driven off-road? We do not allow off-road driving in our vehicles and  insurance coverage may not be valid in such cases.Do you allow cars to be driven to Oman? Yes, you may drive your car to Oman after obtaining an  Orange Card certificate from us. The certificate incurs an extra cost and  provides insurance in Oman. You may not be allowed to cross the border without  this certificate.Can I request for Window Tinting? Yes, we would be happy to provide window tinting for a  one-time upfront cost of AED 950. You can choose any legally allowed level of  tinting.How can I reach you in case of an emergency with my vehicle? In case of a breakdown or accident, you can contact us via  phone or WhatsApp on **800-DRIVER** (**800 374 837**). Our service team is  available from Saturday to Thursday from 8 am to 6 pm with 24/7 emergency  assistance over the phone. In case of an accident, you are required to obtain a police report for insurance purposes.Do you offer Lease-to-Own? We do not offer lease to own. However, if you take a car on  an operating lease from us and are interested in buying the car at the end of the lease, we would be happy to offer you a competitive market rate based on  the age of the vehicle and the mileage driven.