Presenting our private lease car offers


Nissan Sunny SV 1.5L 2022

AED 1450 (incl. VAT)


KIA Seltos 2023

AED 2175 [incl. VAT]


Toyota Prado 4.0L EXR 2022

AED 4145 [incl. VAT]

Personal Leasing. Enjoy the Journey. We’ll take care of the rest

See it as an all-inclusive rental package. At a fixed monthly fee. No need to worry about insurance, maintenance and (most) repairs. We do that for you. You just pay the fuel and go.

Here are the 7 easy steps required to start driving your Private Lease car:

  1. Choose whether you are interested in a brand-new car with our Long-Term Private Lease product or one of our existing stock of cars offering you unlimited mileage under our Flexi Private Lease product
  2. Choose the vehicle you want, the duration of the contract you are ready to sign and give us your estimated annual mileage
  3. Based on your selections, we share a monthly lease rate offer with you
  4. Once you accept the offer, we ask you to send certain documents to us
  5. Once we successfully process your documentation, we share a lease contract with you
  6. You sign the lease contract, we set up a direct debit and process your security deposit
  7. Congratulations! Your vehicle is delivered and you can start driving

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LeasePlan started over 50 years ago in the Netherlands. And we are now in more than 32 countries. With a fleet of 1.8 million cars. So we know a thing or two about cars. Our main goal: always thinking of what’s next for you.

Whether it’s an electric car. Or one that’s just a little greener than the one you have right now. Fitting your whole family. Or just you. We’ll make sure we have the right car for you. Including all those extras that matter to you and your car. So you can keep driving.

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