Benefits of Leasing

  • LeasePlan takes the residual and operating risk: LeasePlan takes the risk on falling depreciation, re-sale value and maintenance of the vehicles
  • ‘Off balance sheet’ financing: Allows capital to be freed up from non-income earning assets. Improved balance sheet ratios (ROE)
  • Relieve administrative burden: LeasePlan supplies and takes care of the day to day running of the vehicle. This frees up your staff from fleet management activities
  • Fleet costs move from variable to fixed: Ease of budgeting and forecasting. Matches finance expenses to asset economic life and usage
  • A complete service package: Leasing and fleet management needs to be met by LeasePlan with one monthly invoice covering all aspects of fleet expenditure
  • Fixed interest rates: LeasePlan offers competitive interest rates which are fixed for the term of the lease”
  • 100% financing: No equity or initial deposit is normally required
  • Cost effectiveness and control of operating costs: Customers can avail of LeasePlan’s purchasing power and economies of scale