Terms of guarantee and repudiation

In the present text the terms of guarantee and repudiation (hereinafter the “Terms”) are being described, which shall govern the vehicle sale contract (hereinafter the “Vehicle”) between the S.A. company with the corporate name “Leaseplan Hellas S.A.”, which is seated in Marousi Attica, no. 17 Papandreou Street, and has a branch in Glyfada Attica, no. 58 Vouliagmenis Avenue, with the Tax Identification Number 999599948 Tax Office for the Taxation of S.A. Companies (FAE) of Athens, (hereinafter the “Vendor”) and the purchaser of the Vehicle (hereinafter the “Purchaser”) and shall constitute an integral part of the entire agreement between the Vendor and the Purchaser with respect to the Vehicle’s sale and it is presumed that they have been accepted in their entirety by the Purchaser from the moment that the latter addresses to the Vendor a request for the execution of the offer for the Vehicle’s purchase and sale (hereinafter the “Offer”).

1. Guarantee Pursuant to the article 5 paragraph 2 of the Law 2251/1994 the Vendor’s liability (legal guarantee) ceases one (1) year following the date of the Vehicles’ delivery to the Purchaser. The Purchaser is obliged to maintain the vehicle according to the manufacturer’s instructions at authorized workshops. In the event of breakdown, which falls within the frameworks of the guarantee, the vendor undertakes to repair it at a workshop of vendor’s selection without the obligation to pay any price to the purchaser.

2. Repudiation Within fourteen (14) calendar days from the delivery date the Purchaser is entitled to repudiate the purchase of the Vehicle under the following conditions, which should concur cumulatively: I. The Purchaser fully undertakes the costs for the Vehicle’s transfer to the Vendor. II. The Vehicle should be returned free from encumbrances in the state in which it was delivered by the Vendor with the exception of the number of kilometers (up to 100 kilometers and without prejudice to the term III. below), to wit without any damage or change in the interior or the exterior of the Vehicle, for the existence or not of which the Vendor shall be able to decide at its absolute discretion. III. In the event that the Vehicle has travelled more than 100 kilometers since the delivery date, an amount of 0.15 Euros shall be calculated for each extra kilometer, which shall be deducted from the price paid, pursuant to the term V below. IV. The Vehicle should be returned to the location where it was received at the delivery date. V. The Vendor shall return the price paid to the Purchaser in the bank account to which this was initially paid, withholding the transfer costs, according to the term I above, any eventual amounts that result according to the term III above and any eventually costs pertaining to the change of the Vehicle’s equipment or the performance of maintenance (service) of the Vehicle. VI. The right of repudiation and money refund cannot be exercised by a third party, subsequent owner of the Vehicle, who acquired the Vehicle from the Purchaser and it does not regard subsequent transfers. VII. The Purchaser is exclusively liable for all the obligations that derive from the Vehicle’s use from the delivery date and until the return of the Vehicle. Moreover, the Purchaser is exclusively liable and is obliged to proceed in due time to the notification of the insurance company at which the Vehicle is insured and to terminate the relative insurance policy.

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