Switching to electric

Make the switch today

Electric driving in 3 steps

We simplify the transition to e-mobility for you


Second step 

You pick the charging solution that works best. We offer charging solutions at home, at the office and at public charging stations.


First step

You choose an electric car that perfectly matches your specific needs. Configure your car or select an advantageous, preconfigured electric one.


Third step

LeasePlan professionals will support you and will simplify your transition to electric mobility for a cleaner, greener and quieter environment.

    Home charging

    Charging yor electic vehicle at home is the height of convenience. If you need to arrange a charging solution at home, we will be happy to get you moving.

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    Public charging points

    LeasePlan offers the Shell charge card, which gives you access to more than 150,000 public charging stations in Europe – more than 8,000 of which are located in Belgium – so you'll always find a charging station near you.

    The charge card can be used with a mobile app for Android and Apple phones which shows where the available charging points are, allows you to start and stop charging sessions and much more.

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