Why electric?

Affordable and sustainable

Electric vehicles are quieter, easier to maintain, cheaper to fuel and better for the environment. As cities introduce low-emission zones, governments offer incentives and the cost of electric cars falls, Ggoing electric has never been easier.

7 reasons to switch electric

  1. sustainability1. Sustainable

    Driving electric means zero CO2 emissions which is obviously better for the environment. As countries and cities move towards zero emission regulations, making the switch now means you’re ahead of the curve.

  2. travelAbroad2. Broad selection

    The range of electric cars is expanding rapidly. Several different models from different manufacturers are already available, and new models are constantly being launched.

  3. stackedCoins3. Economical

    Not only is the electricity you use to recharge less expensive than fossil fuels, EV’s usually come with attractive tax breaks. And electric engines require less maintenance, saving you time, money and hassle.

  4. happyCustomer4. Easy and fun

    Driving an electric vehicle is smooth, quiet and comfortable. Charging networks are growing and fast charging technology is improving meaning EV’s have a longer range and quicker charging times.

  5. 5. Tax benefits

    The authorities encourage car users to choose an electric car by granting electric cars a reduced tax value.

  6. km6. Range

    The range of electric cars, i.e. how far you can go on a single charge, is constantly increasing as the models develop.

  7. Edit_L7. Forward thinking

    As a company representative, you can choose electricity as the primary driving force of your car policy. This is how you meet the environmental demands of your own customers and support the continuity of your company's business.

Range anxiety

The range of electric cars keeps increasing and allows most drivers to use their vehicle on a daily basis without having to charge on the go. The latest generation of EV’s offer an range between 300 and 500 km epending on the model.

Charging networks are also rapidly expanding, and the charging technology keeps improving meaning there is no reason to be afraid that you will not reach your destination.

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