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Renault’s 120-year love affair with motorsports and the needs of their customers has consistently resulted in intuitive, versatile and attractive car designs. Renault is pushing the boundaries of what’s next in mobility to make the lives of their drivers easier without sacrificing the fun.


Renault— a 120-year love affair with motorsports

Established in 1898 by Louis, Marcel, and Fernand Renault, the brothers set out to design vehicles that were true companions on the road. Motorsport runs deep in the Renault DNA—Marcel Renault lost his life to his racing passion during the 1903 Paris-Madrid rally. However, his dedication to excellence and innovation founded a legacy that would yield F1 champions and for years to come. In designing its mass-market vehicles, Renault always puts the needs of its customers first, consistently producing intuitive, versatile and innovative car designs. Today the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Group is the world’s largest car manufacturer, selling 10.61 million vehicles in 2017.

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