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The new My LeasePlan App

LeasePlan has always been on your side to facilitate your mobility. It is in this spirit that we have designed your personalized My LeasePlan space, in order to provide you with even more services and to simplify your daily life.

This makes it easier and faster for you to arrange everything for your lease car. With My LeasePlan, you can directly reserve car maintenance appointments with one of our approved partners. And that's not all! You also have access at anytime to many useful services for your daily life.

LeasePlan Newsroom

International Women’s Week at Ayvens & ALD | LeasePlan

As we continue celebrating International Women’s Week at Ayvens & ALD | LeasePlan, we’re excited to…
08 March - 2 min to read
Your car: tips & tricks

Amendments to the Swiss Road Traffic Act effective from 2024

We have compiled an overview of the most important changes in Swiss road traffic rules that will be…
25 January - 2 min to read

LeasePlan Market Watch | 2023 Q4

A look in the rear-view mirror shows a good recovery in the Swiss car market last year, with electr…
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Top EVs expected in 2024

Transitioning to a 100% electric car? Unsure which electric vehicle is your perfect fit? Explore ou…
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The road to sustainability: BEVs vs hydrogen cars

The world is at a critical juncture for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combatting climate ch…
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LeasePlan Newsroom

ALD Automotive I LeasePlan Mobility Guide

ALD Automotive I LeasePlan (soon to be Ayvens), has recently released a new edition of the Mobility…
29 November 2023 - 3 min to read

New milestone: Ayvens reaches half a million Electric Vehicles on the road

Ayvens is pleased to announce that it has reached a historic milestone of half a million funded Ele…
20 November 2023 - 5 min to read

LeasePlan Market Watch | 2023 Q3

The Swiss automotive market continues to grow.
02 November 2023 - 1 min to read
I can't log into My LeasePlan. How do I access it? There are three common reasons why you can't log into My LeasePlan: Forgotten password Forgotten email address Your My LeasePlan account has not yet been activated Forgotten password: Resetting your password is easy, you can do it right within the app. From the login page, tap Forgot your password? Enter your My LeasePlan account email address - \*\*Tap\* on Sent Email\* Check your email inbox for the instructions on how you can reset your My LeasePlan password Forgotten email address: Your My LeasePlan account is linked to the e-mail address you used to order your leased vehicle. You'll find your login on any email from us. If you're still having trouble logging in, please send us a support request. Not registered: Do you have already a LeasePlan car? LeasePlan invites you per email to activate your account. The account creation is done beforehand in waves and per company. Are you a new LeasePlan driver? A few days after your car delivery, LeasePlan invites you per email to activate your account. Register for My LeasePlan