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February 25, 2020

We want to keep your company moving forward. Let’s have a look at how we can help you. From online tools to complete sustainability programmes.

We offer a 360° service – finding the right balance:

Always thinking of what's next, for you. Whether you would like it to be long term. Or you're just looking for a short-term solution. We are flexible. And so are our services. It's up to you.

Online Fleet Management. Less paperwork, less hassle for you.

We have fast online tools for:

Introducing My LeasePlan.

All of your fleet details online. In one safe place. So you can arrange most things online. Any time. Anywhere.

Your drivers too will have access to their own My LeasePlan. To arrange a car service. Apply for a fuel card. Or record their mileage.

Making your and their life easier. So everyone can focus on the things that matter.

The next generation of fleet reporting.

Interested? Call +32 2 722 62 11.

Consultancy Services.What’s the next step for you?

Reviewing your company’s mobility. Improving sustainability. Reducing fleet costs. And ultimately optimising your fleet. Let us help make this complex process easier, for you. We have a dedicated team of consultants. Worldwide. Offering tailormade solutions.

Together we will look at what’s next for you:

How will we do this?

Leasing methods

LeasePlan Partner We'll call in an entire account team for you. A team that wants the same things you do: minimised costs, optimal service, flawless management, and constant candour. In this way, you keep a tight hold on everything ... except the worries and the work.LeasePlan Comfort A tip-top comfortable formula. You determine the make, the term, and the number of kilometres in advance. And then each month you pay a fixed amount. No unpleasant surprises. Easy to register. Perfect to budget.LeasePlan Global Solutions LeasePlan Global Solutions is thé key formula for companies that have fleets in different countries. Through its international presence, LeasePlan ensures effective coordination of fleet management beyond borders. With similar formulas, conditions and benefits in all countries where you have a running fleet. So you can rely on the highest quality anywhere. On a customized service at the best price. For our international approach gives you an economy of scale.LeasePlan Management Only You own your own fleet? Good for you. But, of course, that's not the end of it. Your fleet needs optimal management. LeasePlan Management Only helps you in that area. Would you like to know more? Are you interested in LeasePlan’s lease solutions? Then get in touch with LeasePlan on +32-2-722 62 11 or ask for a lease quote.

Choose LeasePlan. For Fleet Outsourcing. The ultimate in fleet management.

We understand what's next in cars. In mobility. And technology. So why not let us take care of keeping your company on the move. We will take all the hassle away.

Fleet Outsourcing Your own team of LeasePlan fleet managers. Experts in managing your fleet. They are here for you and your employees. For advice. Or if any problems arise. But they will also take control of all the paperwork.

Leasing quote from your agent

Operational leasing via LeasePlan is the most interesting formula for you as a smaller SME, a self-employed person or practicing an independent profession. Your trusted agent is happy to give you more information. He knows the benefits of this formula, but most importantly he knows you and your business. Therefore you can be sure of a solution that suits you perfectly.

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