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Decoding global electrification: Ayvens' Mobility Guide

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ALD Automotive I LeasePlan (soon to be Ayvens), has recently released a new edition of the Mobility Guide. This guide is a fusion of ALD Automotive’s Mobility Guide and LeasePlan’s EV Readiness Index, aimed at demystifying the electrification landscape for fleet managers, particularly those overseeing international fleets.
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The international landscape for vehicle electrification varies significantly from one country to another, making the Mobility Guide an invaluable resource. It provides an overview and ranking of how countries fare on key aspects of vehicle electrification, facilitating easy comparisons for international fleet managers, giving guidance on which countries to begin the electrification transition in.

This Mobility Guide is the first publication under the Ayvens brand.

Countries most ready to make the switch to EV

Out of the 46 countries examined in this report, 11 fall into the "developed" category, indicating a robust presence of electric vehicles (EVs) and favourable conditions for further electrification. All 11 countries are situated in Europe, primarily in the western and northern regions. Not surprisingly, Norway emerges as the leading country for sustainable mobility and vehicle electrification, with a score of 81, which is 12 points higher than the second-ranked country, Austria.

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"Fleet managers with operations in multiple countries can utilise the guide to prioritise their electrification efforts. It helps them identify where financial gains can be maximised and where infrastructure development is conducive to successful electrification." Fabio Carello, Ayvens Consultancy

What makes a country EV ready – the methodology?

Each country in the report receives a score from 0 to 100, indicating the maturity of its electric vehicle market. This score is derived from six equally weighted pillars:

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Countries are categorised based on their scores into three electric vehicle maturity categories:

Developed: Countries with a score of 60 and above

In 2023, 11 countries we researched fell within the developed category, meaning there is already an established electric vehicle presence and favourable conditions for continued vehicle electrification.

Transitioning: Countries with a score of between 40-60

The transitioning category includes nine countries where electrification is beginning, but challenges such as the availability of charging infrastructure still exist.

Emerging: Countries with a score below 40 points

The majority of the countries researched (26) fall into the lowest category as emerging markets for electrification. In these markets, challenges to transitioning to green vehicles are more prominent, with affordability, charging, and vehicle availability being the largest hurdles.


Our electrification commitments

In September 2023, ALD Automotive I LeasePlan (Ayvens) unveiled the PowerUP strategy, outlining clear and ambitious electrification, decarbonisation, and sustainable mobility goals. These include:

To ensure these goals are achievable, ALD Automotive I LeasePlan conducts research in markets where ALD Automotive I LeasePlan or its partners are present. As this research is a valuable tool for not only us but also our clients and the wider public, we make it available to all in the Mobility Guide.

If you would like more information about the Mobility Guide or leasing with ALD Automotive I LeasePlan, get in touch with us.

Published at December 2, 2023
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December 2, 2023
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