March 28, 2020

With COVID-19 spreading across the globe, the need for all of us to practise good hygiene has never been greater. This means that we have to take extra care to keep our cars clean and disinfected, as this will reduce the chance of the coronavirus being transmitted through commonly touched surfaces such as our steering wheel, gearstick, radio and door handles.

First of all: Stay protected

The best defence against COVID-19 is to restrict your movements. A lot of people are already working from home and though there is a lockdown, people are still able to go to the shops and work where necessary. Avoid driving somewhere unless it’s absolutely essential and remember to always carry an alcohol-based hand sanitiser with you.
When you do absolutely have to travel, below is full guide to sanitising your car from the inside out:

Step 1: Protect yourself first

Beforestepping out to clean your car, it is important that you wear the rightprotective gear. Put on a pair of high-quality rubber gloves and a face mask ifyou can, as there will be a lot of dirt particles in the air as your dustsurfaces. Apply a generous amount of alcohol-based sanitiser to your handsbefore putting on the gloves so that you have an extra layer of protection. Thoughyou may usually wear a pair of shorts and a t-shirt when cleaning your car, atthis time, we recommend you wear jeans and a full-sleeve top to limit theamount of direct contact to your skin.

Step 2: A regular clean

Start your car clean in the same manner that you wouldnormally. Pull out the floor mats and dust them, use a vacuum cleaner and workon getting all the dirt and grime out from the corners. While you’re at it, youcan vacuum the seats as well. Remember to dispose of the vacuumed dirteffectively, preferably in a bin bag you can throw into your main bin immediately.Do not leave it lying around where someone might inadvertently come intocontact with it.

Step 3: The soak

Take a large tub of water and add regular detergent or aliquid soap and mix well. Take all the carpets/floor mats and soak them in thistub. If you have any other fabric that is removable in your car, put them in tosoak as well. Leave them in the tub for a minimum of 30 minutes before gettingthem out and leaving them in the sun to dry.

Step 4: Scrub well

Prepare a separate soap-based mix to be used as a scrub forfabrics that can’t be removed from your car. Dip a sponge in the mix, give it asqueeze so that it isn’t going to soak your car and use it to scrub away atyour seats, door panels and armrests. Make sure you reach into all the corners.We recommend that you also give the roof lining a good rub down with the samesolution.

Step 5: Down to the detail

Now that your car has been vacuumed and scrubbed, it’s timeto get down to the details. Take an alcohol-based disinfectant and put some ona sponge. Use this to rub down all plastic parts including the door panels,centre console, dashboard, the pillar covers between doors and around yourwindscreen. Don’t forget to clean up the boot of your car as well, as this isone place that sees the most foreign items in the form of shopping and shoppingbags. Remember to apply the disinfectant/sanitiser to all the most commonlytouched parts of the vehicle including the steering wheel, gear stick, powerwindow buttons, rear view mirror, fuel lid opener and bonnet opener.

Step 6: The exterior

Now that you are done with the interior detailing, it’s timeto address the exterior. A soap wash will make sure that all the exteriorsurfaces are clean, but make sure you are generous with the soap mix and goover commonly touched parts like door handles, mirrors, and the boot. Lettingthe soap sit there for about 5 minutes, then wash the car down, using a drycloth to get rid of the excess water.

Step 7: Clean up

Now that your car is done, it’s very important that youdispose of the gloves, waste cloths and other disposable material effectively.All your clothes and car wash cloths and sponges should go straight into thewash and you should take a long shower. After all that effort, you don’t wantto leave your clothes lying around as these could potentially contaminate othersurfaces, so play safe and proactively get everything cleaned.