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“Flexible Mobility”, are words that are highly agile on itself. Where ‘Car as a Service’ seemed to be the standard for decades, we already saw a need for flexibilization in private as well as corporate transport years ago. The time we live in now accelerates this very need. That’s why we speed up the development of the solutions. Flexible solutions that fits the future timeframe where it comes down to personalized, emission free and fun ways of transportation. Ultimate freedom means freedom of choice on how to travel or not to travel at all. Interested? Please scroll down and explore how our solutions meet Deloitte’s needs.

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Most employees do not have a company car, but they often do travel for business purposes. Public transport is often not an option, and expense reports generate a lot of extra work. Parking space is also scarce and expensive. Does this sound familiar?

With our carsharing solution, employees and companies can easily share business cars with each other. Ideal for entrepreneurs and organizations looking for flexible mobility. LeasePlan optimally combines supply and demand by equipping lease or rental vehicles with special hardware, linked to an online reservation system and corresponding dashboard. With the LeasePlan carsharing app, employees can view available vehicles, make a reservation and access the car directly. Our smart carsharing platform takes over the entire planning, (tax)administration and provides clear monthly reports of usage and costs.

By implementing our carsharing solution, Deloitte can optimize the use and availability of the shared (pool) cars, thus saving costs and requiring fewer parking spaces at the company location. By making shared (electric) vehicles available to employees for business travel, there is no need for use of private cars, which also contributes to Deloitte’s sustainability goals.

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Mobility as a Service

Mobility needs are rapidly changing. We work differently and travel differently. As a result, employers and employees desire different solutions. When looking at mobility as an employee benefit, we see that freedom of choice and flexibility in mobility options have become more important elements in a company’s mobility policy.

LeasePlan’s new partnership with MaaS-provider Radiuz allows you to respond to your mobility needs. With an all-in-one mobility platform, you as an employer keep a grip on mobility: you have full insight in travel behavior and travel costs of employees, the CO2 footprint, and you can actively stimulate smarter and more sustainable travel behavior. Your employees enjoy more freedom and convenience with seamless access to multimodal travel options: by car, public transport, shared car, bicycle sharing, scooters or taxi. Win-win!

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Pool Management

You regularly have lease cars that are temporarily unused. With LeasePlan Pool Management we help you make optimal use of your fleet, save time and extra costs. Using a fully digitalized process and application, we ensure that the right vehicle is available and used by the right person at the right time. This enables you to optimize the occupancy rate of your poolfleet.

Part of a mobility policy should be the freedom to choose a poolcar or to return it to the pool as mobility needs change over time.

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What's next?

In today’s ever-changing mobility landscape, LeasePlan is committed to continuously support its customers by offering multimodal solutions and services tailored to their requirements. The COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed the way we work and travel, making many companies feel the need to be as agile and flexible as possible. Due to many uncertainties we experiences that most corporate clients have difficulties to make the right choices. LeasePlan leads you through different scenarios.

In addition to several flexible solutions we can currently provide, LeasePlan continues to work on new solutions providing fully digitalized, flexible mobility. These solutions can be added to contracts or subscription models.

As employee of Deloitte I have freedom to choose the mobility solutions which suit my situation and in time I can switch them.