Safe mobility

For your most important asset:

Your employees

Living, working, traveling in a safe environment. We aim for Zero. We have a role to play. And we will. How? By establishing a culture of safety together with our clients and inside LeasePlan. We want to make our customer and employee fleets the safest in the industry by aiming for zero serious road traffic injuries by 2030. Please find out below how this program effects Deloitte’s most valuable asset: People.

Our Solutions

Deloitte's Future Mobility

Safe driving

With a third of road deaths and a quarter of serious injuries occurring in collisions involving work-related driving, there is no doubt about the importance and value of fleet safety. LeasePlan has the strong ambition to have zero serious road injuries in 2030.

Our safe driving program is part of LeasePlan’s commitment to making our customers’ and also our own fleets among the safest in the industry. Safer driving and less accidents can also reduce costs related to insurance premiums, sick leave, damages and repairs.

Our approach includes tools and guidelines on the three major safety areas: the driver, the vehicle and fleet management. An example is our partnership with Prodrive to educate all your drivers through a tailored and practical training program. LeasePlan offers Deloitte this safe driving training program with Prodrive for free. This allows Deloitte to have all leasedrivers trained and this will result in less accidents and casualties.

Connected car

We see a future in smarter driving. With Connected Car we make driving safer, cleaner and more cost-efficient. Our Connected Car solution connects cars to the internet for smarter car and fleet management, providing insight into fuel consumption, driving behavior, driven routes & the maintenance needs of cars in your fleet.

An app gives the lease driver access to relevant information anytime, anywhere. Notifications for maintenance, a malfunction, near collision or better driving behavior makes driving a lot easier and safer.

What's next?

LeasePlan is currently working on a new proposition: SafePlan Zero. Together with you we want to raise awareness for safe driving. We will be offering guidance, practical tools and support along the way. New technology such as telematics and built-in driver support like autonomous emergency braking provide new levels of assistance and connectivity and are becoming more and more mainstream.

As of 2022, new EU legislation will even make certain advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) mandatory. Looking towards the more distant future, it is expected that autonomous driving and the development of self-driving cars will take flight. The level of automation and the scale and speed in which technology is adopted will vary, depending on different factors.

We believe it is important for us to closely follow these developments and actively participate in pilot projects and research. This will help us build new solutions for the future. An example is our collaboration with the Technical University of Delft in a number of projects.

We aim for Zero. For Deloitte, your employees and all other road users.