Our perspective

Climate change is the biggest challenge we face as humanity, and as road transport accounts for around 20% of global CO2 emissions we’re determined to play our part. This increases the need to make different choices. Only with these choices we will be able to meet climate goals and to create a safe and healthy environment.

We have reshaped our corporate mobility vision based on research on the needs of employees and employers and the developments in both the corporate and private mobility market. Now it is time to build on this vision to realize LeasePlan’s dream solution based on four pillars:

  • Last & First mile solutions
  • Flexible mobility solutions
  • Zero emission mobility
  • Safe mobility

We tailored this website around Deloitte’s and LeasePlan’s vision about the future of mobility. We invite you to find out more about our dream solution by clicking on the four pillars below. For a brief overview you can also download our management summary below.

Management Summary

Our role

Maybe you are familiar with the saying “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. There is a huge employee responsibility in achieving the future of mobility dream we both have. And culture plays an important role.

This is where it starts: People. Commitment and understanding is needed to get employees enthusiastic and motivated. Mobility is an important employee benefit in the first place and flexibility comes next.

We will be your partner whom you can trust in supporting all means of mobility: now and in the future.

Where to start?

When we both understand the culture you have and the culture you need, it is time to start. We inform you, advise you and implement our shared dream around corporate mobility which covers business & private travel as well as commuting. This is a joint adventure of course. We build a concept transition plan and our mobility consultants together with your consultants draw the final version.

Implementing means a constant awareness of how the solution fits. Monitoring, evaluation and adjustment is needed to make sure every stakeholder involved feels happy with the solution. LeasePlan will be your single point of contact and service partner for both Deloitte and your employees.

Deloitte and LeasePlan can give me insights in the effect of my potential choices. This allows me to make the best decision for me, Deloitte and the environment.

Management Summary

A quick overview of our dream solution? With this management summary we lead you along Deloitte’s four questions in the RFI.

A quick overview of our dream solution? With this management summary we lead you along Deloitte’s four questions in the RFI.

Read the management summary