Zero emisson mobility

For a carbon neutral future

Zero emission. It seems like a no brainer. But how do you get there? Together! This is exactly why we need each other. Did you know that 42% of your current fleet can be easily switched to an electric vehicle? This enables Deloitte’s dream to be carbon neutral in 2025. Look below to find out more about our dream solutions and how to get there.

Our Solutions

Deloitte's Future Mobility

Electric cars

Electric vehicle, why not now? In 2030 every new LeasePlan car will be an electric one. Electric driving is easy, fun and contributes to zero emission goals. We want to make our clients and lease drivers as enthusiastic as we are, by supporting the transition to full electric vehicles. The transition to an electric fleet follows the next steps.

Show possibilities and give insights Help clients and lease drivers see how electric driving can work is key. This starts with a fleet analysis that gives answers to questions like: Which cars can be replaced by full electric ones, what is the cost- and co2-impact? Next is sharing knowledge and training lease drivers how to choose an electric car.

The right car at the right moment We take electric vehicles in stock to make sure our clients and lease drivers get the electric vehicles at the right time and benefit from economies of scale and possible tax reductions. We can also provide temporarily electric vehicles with our electric rental cars.

Easy transition with supporting services To make the transition to electric vehicles easier we provide support with extra services. For instance, the holiday car. A solution that offers a fuel replacement car during the holiday and makes a journey with caravan or a larger car possible.

Lightyear One

The range of electric vehicles becomes more and more attractive and the charging infrastructure has double digit growth every year. The ultimate electric vehicle is a car that almost never needs to be charged. This drives us to frontline of innovation, where we invest, built and show how we make our dream solution come true. A good example is our partnership with Lightyear.

Lightyear One is the first revolutionary solar car from the Netherlands that charges itself. The optimized aerodynamics and low weight significantly improve range. This allows to drive up to 800 km on one battery. In addition, the Lightyear One charges up to 12 km per hour on the sun. A dream car? Deloitte will be one of the first clients who will find out.

LeasePlan Energy

Affordable zero emission energy Using only electric transportation is not enough to achieve zero emission mobility. The production of energy must also be emission-free to really make a difference. In our dream solution all energy is affordable and comes from a sustainable source. LeasePlan starts close to home with LeasePlan Energy. An irresistible offer that combines zero emission energy for home and car with low costs.

Be smart and save the planet LeasePlan Energy comes with an app that helps your lease driver to charge at the right moment. Based on his personal settings, the electric lease car is always ready to go when he needs to. It is charged when sun and wind energy is available. The smart charge sessions prevent CO2 emissions. That equates to about 20 trees per year.

Be smart and save costs We start with an attractive energy contract for your lease driver that offers an energy economies of scale. All charging costs go directly to LeasePlan, so paying in advance is not needed. As a bonus your lease driver earns money during smart charging sessions.

Office chargers

Office chargers' powers the transition to electric vehicles Office chargers' powers the transition to electric vehicles. In an ideal world every electric vehicle driver doesn’t worry about charging. Office chargers makes it easy for lease drivers: after work the car will be ready for duty. In our dream solution we facilitate our clients with office charge points solutions without any hassle that helps you to realize your goal to be carbon neutral in 2025.

Chargers available at the right moment Together we determine the growth potential of electric vehicles, available parking spaces and necessary charge units at the office. In our plan, your number of charge points will grow equally with the growth of the electric vehicle fleet. This ensures you no unnecessary investments are made.

Savings costs with office chargers The office chargers are connected to your own energy contract. A nice opportunity to reduce mobility costs, because business energy contracts offers the lowest energy prices available, even better than at home. Together with a commercial charge fee for visitors your return on investment is high.

Hydrogen forecast

Hydrogen is key in the transition to sustainable energy. When solar or wind energy is provided, but not instantly needed hydrogen offers a solution for storage and transport of this energy.

Although several initiatives are very promising the hydrogen car is still far away. The full electric car has taken the lead with more efficient batteries that become affordable. Together with a continuously developing charging infrastructure makes it hard for the hydrogen car to compete. Some car manufacturers even decided to stop investing in hydrogen car technology.

Hydrogen will still be the answer for heavy duty transport, where every kilo counts and batteries must be small. The development of hydrogen stations moves slow but steadily on. Cities like Rotterdam, The Hague and Amsterdam want to use hydrogen to reach their ambition for zero emission mobility. So city busses and garbage trucks will drive with a hydrogen fuel cell.

For our joint future and the environment, make a decision, go for zero emission.