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Over the past years, traveling (i.e. business & private travel and commuting) in and around cities has become more difficult. Increasing emissions and decreasing accessibility led to a polluted and difficult living environment. Our goal is to help create a sustainable living environment in cities, where personalized transport provide commuters a sustainable, simple and carbon neutral travel experience. Please scroll down and click to learn more about how our future solutions fit Deloitte's mobility vision.

Our Solutions

Deloitte's Future Mobility

Leasing e-bikes

E-bikes have become more and more popular among people living between 5 – 25 KM from work. LeasePlan gives these employees an extra mobility choice to be used both for business and private use.

With the lease of e-bikes employees have a carbon free ride. They avoid traffic jams and it will result in more vital and productive people.

Mobility Hub

In January 2021 LeasePlan will launch a new project. Residents of three large residential buildings in Amsterdam get access to shared mobility solutions.

With this project LeasePlan wants to reduce traffic in cities and give residents access to safe and sustainable mobility solutions such as e-bikes and carsharing. When this project is successful, LeasePlan will expand this to other regions.

Electric vans

Since more and more cities are having low emission zones, companies are enforced to move to sustainable options. LeasePlan offers a large range of electric vans. Secondly, LeasePlan offers charging facilities on a large scale. You can find more information about charging at work at this page.

Next to that, In Q1 of 2021, LeasePlan will introduce an Online selection tool to help companies to select the electric van which will fit their needs.

What's next?

LeasePlan will explore more possibilities to enable people with sustainable and accessible mobility solutions to keep cities accessible but with cleaner air.

In the coming years LeasePlan will explore new opportunities, like sustainable travel information via an app or public sustainable mobility hubs. Do you join?

I don’t want mobility to stop just before it should end. But certainly not to stop before it even has begun...