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Selecting the right low emission vehicle can be a challenge. There’s a lot of information to consider regarding different vehicles, charging solutions and so on. You also need to align with your broader sustainability goals, manage your people through the change, and keep a close eye on costs.

As your expert partner in electric vehicles, we have your back. Wherever you are in your journey, we’re right here with you. 

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Our consultancy approach

Our EV consultancy framework gives you expert advice and a clear plan that includes:

  • Strategy setting - We’ll work with you to understand your business sustainability goals, and align your sustainable mobility strategy with them. We'll help you understand the options available, what policies you will need, and what success looks like for you.
  • Readiness assessments  - We’ll help you establish a clear baseline, understanding your current fleet activity including utilisation and total cost of ownership (TCO). We'll identify the right opportunities to switch from ICE to EV or PHEV and present the best vehicle replacement options to you.
  • Transition planning - We’ll help you analyse your options and make the right make model choices to help meet your sustainability objectives, including clarity on the expected financial and environmental impacts of the change. We'll prepare for the necessary access to charging options and help you engage your business to support the changes.
  • Change management - We’ll support you all the way through the transition and implementation phases. We will help establish you home / work / public charging network, we'll provide advice on updating required vehicle and people policies, and we'll configure reporting to provide you with clear oversight of the transition.
  • Measure and improve - We’ll provide real-time data and reporting so you can track and report on the change, and we will help analyse the data, recommending iterations and improvements, making sure you are always ready for what's next on your sustainable mobility journey.

Do EVs make financial sense?

EVs are making more and more sense from a financial perspective. This is thanks to improving technology, greater model choices and incentives, and simple economies of scale.

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