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Your future's electric

The automotive manufacturing industry has clearly decided that electric vehicles are a big part of our future with significant commitments to EVs throughout the planet. This means EVs will become an increasing part of your fleet's future, and they present a great option for your sustainability aims.

With Start Electric, we provide a comprehensive range of services to make it easy for your business at every stage of your EV journey.

How Start Electric helps your business


EV consultancy

Our expert EV planning and advice means you make smart choices to keep your people happy and safe, manage your emissions, and control costs.


Charging solutions

We provide charging solutions to suit your business - at home, at work, or through public networks. With consolidated reporting to track them all.



We help you choose the right car and provide you all the services you need until you hand it back to us. You just enjoy the drive.

Why go electric?

  1. sustainabilitySustainability

    Switching to electric is better for the environment. With no exhaust emissions, electric vehicles offer one of the easiest ways that we can contribute to reduced CO2 emissions from road transport.

  2. milageRange

    The range of electric vehicles is increasing all the time, with the latest generation offering 400-500kms and more on a single charge. It is more than enough for the daily driving requirements of most of us, without the need for extra charging on the way.

  3. accidentReturnAvailability

    More electric vehicle makes and models are becoming available in New Zealand all the time. As car manufacturers invest more in electric and hybrid vehicles, this means a wider choice at more competitive prices for you.

  4. moneyBackDollarTotal Cost of Ownership

    Simple economies of scale will see the total cost of ownership (TCO) of EVs trend down quite quickly. The increased R&D in cheaper and more effective batteries, as well as the increased manufacturing and sales will see TCO comparisons favour EVs in many cases.

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Adding electric vehicles to your fleet?

Learn more about switching to EV

Learn more about switching to EV