Embracing the electric vehicles revolution

Learn the benefits of transitioning to electric vehicles

Vehicle manufacturers have decided electric vehicles are a big part of our transport future making significant investments. The benefits of transitioning to electric vehicles include:

  1. CheckmarkReduced running costs

    EVs can be less expensive to run than petrol or diesel vehicles. They have far fewer parts too, meaning they are cheaper to service and require less servicing.

  2. CheckmarkReduced emissions

    Transport related emissions are a significant contributor to our carbon footprint. They are the second largest source of emissions behind the dairy industry.

The different types of electric vehicles

The different types of electric vehicles

BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles): This is a 100% electric vehicle powered only by the electrical energy in the battery. You charge a BEV by plugging the car into an electrical socket, and it also stores energy generated when you brake.

PHEVs (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles): These cars contain two motors – an electric one with a battery that can be charged from a socket, and an internal combustion engine, the same as a normal car.

Hybrids: Hybrid vehicles are filled with petrol/diesel and this fuel charges the electric battery, along with regenerative braking, for use when the car pulls away from a stop or during heavy acceleration.

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