End of lease

Returning your vehicle

When your lease term ends, you need to return your vehicle for sale to Turners. There are two ways you can return your vehicle.

Your options  

  1.  Arrange a pickup 

    To arrange a pickup by a transporter please contact us on 0800 532 737 or email us at remarketing@leaseplan.co.nz with the collection address and contact details.

  2. Return the vehicle yourself to a selected Turners site

    To find a Turners site near you, simply visit our supplier finder or contact us on 0800 532 737.

Key things to consider

When returning your vehicle, you can avoid possible additional charges by making sure you include the following:

Please also ensure you remove any personal items.

We also have guidelines for fair wear and tear for cars, trucks and light commercial vehicles that we use in inspecting returned vehicles.

End of lease FAQs

Get the answers to these questions and more on our FAQs page

Need some help? 

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