Maintenance and repairs

At LeasePlan, we make maintaining your vehicle a breeze. We provide you with access to a nationwide network of suppliers for everything from tyres to wiper blades.

Maintenance tips

  1. Keep it regular

    Regular maintenance keeps everything running smoothly. In order to ensure that your vehicle operates correctly, make sure you follow the manufacturer recommended service schedule in the vehicle’s owner’s manual and take notice of any warning lights on the dashboard.

  2. Take care of the brakes

    Your brakes will be carefully checked each scheduled service, but don’t take any risks at other times. If you hear high pitched noises from your brakes or they feel spongy, get them checked straight away.

  3. Keep your tyres correctly inflated

    To help with the economy and safety of your vehicle, make sure your tyres are correctly inflated at all times. Check the tyre placard – usually inside one of the front door openings – or the owner's manual for the correct tyre pressures for your car.

  4. Use our supplier finder

    Locate providers for maintenance and repairs near you using our supplier finder.

Maintenance and repairs FAQs

Get the answers to these questions and more on our FAQs page

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