Our charging solutions

Broad, measurable charging options

We'll arrange the right charging options to suit the way you want to use your business EVs. Integration with your workplace chargers, installation and financing of home charging options, and measurable access to a growing public network if you need it when your vehicles are on the road. And we will connect them all to provide you with detailed, consolidated reporting and invoicing.

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Charging where you want it, when you need it 

  • Home charging – We will arrange the professional installation, financing and ongoing maintenance of smart home chargers where you need them, with our partners JET Charge and Chargefox.
  • Workplace charging - Through our partners, you can arrange the installation of workplace chargers, and we can connect any compatible smart workplace chargers to our network.
  • Public charging – We’ve partnered with ChargeNet to give you access to a growing nationwide network of rapid DC chargers, allowing drivers to fully charge their vehicles in 10 to 30 minutes.
  • Easy electric driving – Drivers will have their own RFID pass to access the ChargeNet and connected workplace chargers, simply swipe and charge. The business gets valuable, itemised reporting on whole-of-fleet charging, itemised per driver, per vehicle and per charger.

Is it time for an EV revolution?

EVs are making more and more sense over time thanks to improving technology, greater model choices and incentives.  

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