Fair wear and tear

Ensure there are no surprises at the end of the lease

One of the biggest problems some businesses face is being stung with end of lease wear and tear costs. See our guidelines and available coverage to ensure there are no surprises at the end of your lease.

AnyWear Cover for unexpected wear and tear

With our AnyWear Cover, you pay a small amount every month on each of the new vehicles to help cover your business against wear and tear costs at the end.

Combine LeasePlan Insurance with AnyWear and get a 10% discount on AnyWear Cover.

View more information about our AnyWear Cover.

Fair wear and tear guides

At the end of your contract, your vehicle will be returned to LeasePlan. All returned vehicles are inspected to assess 'Fair Wear and Tear'.

The vehicle inspection is carried out by a third party to ensure that its fair and unbiased. You can access a copy of the ‘Fair Wear and Tear’ guide using the links.

View fair wear and tear guides:

Want to learn more about fair wear and tear? 

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