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94% of roadside assistance cases are attended to in less than 45 minutes

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LeasePlan has just closed its Roadside Assistance Report, for which it has studied the 110,984 services it has recorded since 2019. Of these, 75,587 correspond to incidents requiring roadside assistance. Mechanics is the activity with the highest percentage of incidents, with 57% of the total; followed by tyre problems, with 23%; traffic accidents, with 13%; and other interventions of various types, with 10%.
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LeasePlan releases its latest report, which has studied almost 111,000 services carried out since 2019

Pandemic mobility and Philomena

This study can corroborate how the pandemic caused a significant reduction in interventions - during the months of March and April 2020 - with a decrease in services of 20%, where accidents and tyres recorded a decrease of 50% and 40% respectively.

Mechanical interventions had a very significant upturn due to battery and vehicle starting incidents, which generated the highest peak of activity in the last three years with more than 3,500 interventions, in the month of June 2020.

It is also worth highlighting the increase in assistance generated in January 2021 due to the impact of the storm Filomena, most of which was concentrated in the second and third week of the month.

Incident type characteristics: mechanics, tyres and accidents

While mechanics and tyres have a high component of on-the-spot repair service (40% and 50% respectively), accidents account for only.

5% of the assistance offered as a solution for the continuation of the journey. Logically, battery recharging and punctures account for this high component of a solution so highly valued by drivers. In less than half an hour it is possible to continue the journey to their destination.

Service locations and distance

In terms of destinations, only 6% of the incidents require a change of province to solve the mobility problem to the nearest garage, which shows the capillarity of the network of garages that LeasePlan offers. The distance in kilometres travelled by the tow truck is 65 km when changing provinces, and 32 km when the journey is made within the province itself.

The longest journey is for accidents, where 46 kilometres are required, while 28 kilometres are required for tyres and mechanics.

More than 5,700 different locations were used for roadside assistance, in any of the modalities of assistance to vehicles (towing or on-site repairs) or to people (mainly taxis).

The most common locations with incidents are the provincial capitals, with Madrid standing out with 9%, Barcelona with 4%, Valencia and Seville with 3% respectively.

Age of the vehicle in service

On the other hand, it is interesting to note the average age at which the vehicle receives mechanical assistance: 1.5 years for vehicles with a brand warranty (generally the first two years), and 3.9 years for services outside the brand warranty.

Tyres and accidents have an average assistance after 2.3 years of contract, while mechanical assistance is 3.2 years. It should be borne in mind that most vehicles are contracted for 48 months and it is clear that the older the vehicle, the greater the need for roadside assistance, especially in the mechanical part, although this is not significant in the LeasePlan fleet, given the preventive maintenance of its entire fleet.

Quality proposal

LeasePlan does not forget the quality of service: 94% of cases are attended to in less than 45 minutes, taking an average of almost 26 minutes to reach the assistance, with 92% of calls attended to in less than 20 seconds and an abandonment rate of 0.34%.

This study is carried out periodically by LeasePlan with the integration of data received from RACE, the main roadside assistance provider.

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Published at June 11, 2021
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June 11, 2021
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