Fixed operational leasing

Further savings and control for your fleet, so that everything runs like clockwork

Do you want to opt for stability and for having everything completely planned? The LeasePlan Fixed Operational Leasing is your best option. Because it is a long-term rental system, from 2 to 10 years, and because it includes, as well as the vehicle cost, the usual expenses arising from vehicle use: insurance, taxes, repairs and maintenance. In fixed operational leasing, the period and mileage are determined from the start of the contract.

Key benefits

Costs for a Fleetmanager_L
Set costs

With fixed operational leasing there are no surprises! Because it represents an anticipated cost that makes it easier to draw up budgets and removes the risk of any unforeseen costs

More control

Everything in a single supplier. You will have qualitative and quantitative information that will enable you to make decisions to optimise your fleet.

Less time management

Forget about your fleet. LeasePlan will take care of all of the procedures and formalities regarding your company’s vehicles. So you can dedicate yourself to what really matters: your business.

What does Fixed Operational Leasing include?

The LeasePlan Fixed Operational Leasing includes all of the services required to manage your fleet with the guarantee that only the worldwide leader with more than 30 years’ experience can offer:

Specialised services for managers and drivers

If you manage a fleet, LeasePlan makes it easy for you with a wide range of innovative tools and services that allow you to have your vehicles under constant control and to obtain the utmost efficiency.

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