LeasePlan offers you the flexibility you need to optimise your mobility

Irrespective of what kind of fleet you have, we have the right plan for you with specialised products that offer you the unique solution you are looking for.

With LeasePlan all types of operational leasing are within your reach.


Flexible operational leasing

Have company vans and cars available only when required and return them whenever you want, without any penalties.


Fixed operational leasing

Obtain long-term benefits from your fleet with this solution, which includes the standard expenses related to vehicle use.


Owner plan

If you own vehicles, benefit from the convenience that the operational leasing leader can offer you in managing your fleet.


Used Car Lease

Flexibility, access to a high-quality vehicle and no upfront financial investment


Would you like a product that is completely tailored to your company?

Combine our solutions to meet your needs At LeasePlan, we know from experience that every fleet is different. That's why we like to help you find the best solution for you by using a combination of our leasing solutions. Take advantage of everything we have to offer by creating the most optimal solution for your company.

Compare the different types of leasing


Have you ever ask you what is the difference between leasing, renting or buying a car?

We explain you with this simple comparative table.

Specialised services for managers and drivers

If you manage a fleet, LeasePlan makes it easy for you with a wide range of innovative tools and services that allow you to have your vehicles under constant control and to obtain the utmost efficiency.

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