Owner plan

It’s your vehicle, but we take care of everything else

You’re the owner, but without the normal worries

Have you ever thought what it would be like to manage your fleet as an owner if you didn’t have to worry about anything? Owner Plan is what you’re looking for. Because it enables you to retain ownership of your vehicles and outsource the management thereof. It is extremely easy to implement and shall enable you to enjoy the advantages of operational leasing: Network of preferential repair garages, cost reduction, advice, change of tyres…

Key benefits

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More efficient

With the Owner Plan, your vehicles are never a burden. Your fleet moves efficiently while you reduce the costs of your vehicles.

Higher mobility

You will have access to our tools to optimise fleet management and will discover that the maintenance and repairs of your vehicles speeds up with our preferential repair garages.

The best service

Your vehicles will receive the best possible services. LeasePlan does everything for you, so that you can focus on what is most important: that your company runs better each and every day.

What does the Owner Plan include?

The Owner Plan offers you all the services that you would enjoy if you contracted an operational leasing agreement, backed by the guarantee of a worldwide leader

Specialised services for managers and drivers

If you manage a fleet, LeasePlan makes it easy for you with a wide range of innovative tools and services that allow you to have your vehicles under constant control and to obtain the utmost efficiency.

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