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The advantages of central fleet management

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With a growing or changing organisation you’ll have a lot to do and fleet management might not be at the top of the priority list. If you don’t have a dedicated fleet manager and the responsibility is spread across various departments like HR, procurement facilities or finance, it can be not clear who is really responsible for fleet. And, if your business is active in multiple branches, regions or even countries the logistics can get even more complicated.
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But, look out! Fleet can be one of the top three costs for many organisations. In this blog we share our experiences, the seven advantages of central fleet management and how LeasePlan can help if you want to outsource fleet management tasks.

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7 advantages of central fleet management

  1. Overview

    Of strategic topics like costs, sustainability and driver safety and satisfaction

  2. Efficiency

    Harmonise and standardise processes so your fleet management is as efficient as possible

  3. Best practices

    Share and implement best fleet and vehicle practices within your organisation

  4. Change management

    Effectively and easily implement changes and make adjustments when necessary

  5. Economies of scale

    Benefit from economies of scale through central procurement and entering into strategic partnerships with preferred suppliers

  6. Unburden

    Stakeholders and other departments of the details of fleet management tasks

  7. Satisfied employees

    By providing lease drivers with an up to date car policy and timely guidance and information

Where can you find a good fleet manager?

To benefit from the advantages of centrally managing a fleet you need a person with the right companies. If you can’t find the right person internally or need tips on the skills and background a fleet manager needs please contact us. We’re happy to help. LeasePlan Consultancy Services can even deploy a fleet management expert to you through secondment, as we’ve done in the past with many of our customers.

Outsourcing fleet management activities

In house fleet management isn’t your only option. At LeasePlan we offer different levels of fleet management outsourcing to fit your company’s needs.

For more information contact your LeasePlan contact person.
Published at March 31, 2021
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March 31, 2021
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