Invoicing via email or PDF

We would like to let you know that our internal invoicing process is going digital. You can choose to switch from paper invoicing to invoicing via email/PDF. In the past, you have indicated the importance of this. So we are happy to inform you that, as of today, this has become a reality.   


Instead of receiving paper invoices, you will receive future invoices via email in a PDF attachment. However, we will only implement this change if you indicate that you want to receive invoices via email.


  • You will have all of your invoices in one place, giving you an ideal overview, as you will receive the invoices via a single email address. Receiving the invoices via a single channel means that you don’t have to look for them in different places.
  • Upon your indication, we can implement the switch overnight. This means that any open invoices need to be handled in paper form, but from the moment you indicate your interest, all future invoices will be sent to a single email address.
  • To provide you with the best overview, we request that you choose either paper invoicing or invoicing via email/ PDF.


Please view the options below and take action accordingly:

  1. OPTION A | I want to receive my invoices via paper:

    There is no action required from you in this case.

  2. OPTION B | I want to receive my invoices via email

    Please click on the button below and indicate the single email address where you want to receive future invoices.