BMW 320d Xdrive Steptronic

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This offer (illustrative photo) is subject to change and is available exclusively to commercial customers, subject to a positive credit check. Prices shown are exclusive of VAT, subject to market-related price adjustments and may vary depending on equipment requirements. Offer valid while stocks last.

Prices (per month/ excl. VAT):

Contract length incl. mileage
CHF per month
12 months incl. 10 000 km
Starting from 
12 months incl. 20 000 km
Starting from
12 months incl. 30 000 km
Starting from
Further terms/mileage
On demand
BMW 320d Xdrive Steptronic


Services including

Technical data

Service including

(Full-service leasing)

BMW 320d Xdrive Steptronic

4x4 • 190HP (140 kW) • Diesel

Options included in the offer:


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How does the order process work? Pick out your preferred vehicle in our showroom, choose the contract duration and the mileage to be included, and submit your request. We will get in touch with you with an offer as soon as possible.How is the monthly leasing rate calculated? The monthly leasing rate is derived from the value of the vehicle, the leasing duration, the included mileage, the designated residual value and the interest rate. Other services that have been agreed on (e.g. servicing, maintenance or tyres) and insurance are added on top of the leasing rate. How does the invoicing and payment process work? You receive two invoices per month: one covers the leasing rate and any other services agreed on (e.g. servicing, maintenance, tyres or insurance). The second invoice contains all variable costs, e.g. fuelling charges, car wash fees or a deductible in the event of damage, if these services were agreed on via LeasePlan. Payment takes place via direct debit.

Technical data

Total consumption (in l/100 km)
CO2 emissions (in g/km)
Energy efficiency category/emissions standard
Average of all registered new cars in Switzerland (in g/km)
CO2 target g/km according to WLTP

Energy label | Switzerland