Resource library

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A fleet leasing vs. reimbursement

A guidebook to weighing the options


Optimum Replacement

An analysis guide


Remarketing 101

The Impact of Seasonal Price Patterns on Fleet Returns


Depreciation Post- COVID-19

What Fleets Need to Know

New Car__L

Best practices for your fleet

Policy Recommendations to Improve Performance

Costs for a Fleetmanager Dollar-L

Understanding Your Fleet Total Cost of Ownership

Strategies for understanding and managing fleet costs.

Ask the right questions

COVID-19 crisis management for fleets

How scenario planning can help fleet managers to stress-test their fleet and prepare for what might happen next


How to Update Your Fleet Policy for Marijuana Legalization

Answers to common questions from fleet managers


Snow Tire Policies

What you need to know


Corona outbreak

The right actions for fleet management


10 Step Winter Driving Safety Checklist


Corporate Leasing vs. Reimbursement

Weighing the Options

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