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Funding your fleet

Lighten your administrative burden with our innovative leasing solutions

Leasing options

When it comes to leasing solutions, trust LeasePlan for innovative options that help reduce your administrative burden.

We understand that every company is different. Our leasing experts will work with you to understand your corporate objectives and fleet goals. Based on your needs, they can craft a leasing plan that delivers cost savings while increasing driver satisfaction and safety. And that lets you focus on your business, not your fleet.

We make the complex process of fleet leasing and management easier. All of our programs come with the convenience of online vehicle ordering—and our team of fleet experts to help you select the most appropriate vehicles, financing options and replacement schedules. Our people are the best in the industry and they are driven to help your business succeed - and to make your leasing journey smooth and easy.

Open-end or closed-end leases?

We offer open-end and closed-end leases, but most of our customers choose open-end leases. In general, closed-end leases are more popular for consumers, where the vehicle usage is light and the mileage is limited. Open-end leases are the choice for most commercial leases. They offer the flexibility of unlimited mileage and are designed for working vehicles.

Need a short-term lease?

Sometimes a three-to-four year lease simply won’t work for your business needs. That’s why we created Flex, a unique short-term leasing solution for commercial fleets. With Flex, you can lease a fit-for-purpose vehicle from one to 24 months, with no penalties for early termination. And rest assured, for all of your vehicles on the Flex program, you’ll receive the same expert service from us as you do for the rest of your fleet.

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Lease or own? Either way, LeasePlan is at your side

If you determine that you’re better off owning your fleet vehicles, our Purchase & Disposal program is for you. You will handle your own fleet—and you can even order your vehicles online—while we can use our knowledge, buying power, and manufacturer relationships to facilitate the acquisition process. Later on, you can rely on our remarketing team to get top dollar for your used vehicles.

With LeasePlan as your partner, you also have access to our vehicle management experts, who can provide any other vehicle management services you may need, such as title or registration services, fuel management services, etc.

Lease vs. reimbursement? - and other management options to choose from

Corporate vehicle management is complex, with many decisions to consider—for example, whether it’s better to lease every vehicle or to reimburse some staff for the use of their personal vehicles. With so many variables, such as insurance, maintenance and fuel coasts, the best choice for your company is not always obvious. Talk to our experts. We’ll find the solution that’s best for your budget while managing risks.

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