Managing your vehicles

End-to-end fleet management services

Managing a fleet is not easy—there are endless details and policy decisions—and it can distract you from your core business objectives. We can help. LeasePlan is your partner in fleet and vehicle management. Our team will oversee the life of every one of your vehicles—to minimize your spending, save time, ensure your drivers are safe, and build efficiencies into your systems.

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Vehicle acquisition and remarketing

With information on your fleet’s usage and needs, our experts help you choose the right vehicle for the job—and the one that will bring a top resale price at lease end.

Compliance solutions

Whether your compliance requirements are personal mileage reporting, violations reporting, or title and registration for tolls, we have the answer.

Fuel management

Our fuel management program gives you the tools needed to proactively manage this costly and unpredictable fleet expense.

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Accident management

Reduce risk, increase driver safety—and when accidents do happen, make claims faster and easier.

Maintenance & repair

Track and administer vehicle maintenance in less time, with better cost control.


Our telematics solutions are far more than maps and vehicle location—we work within your existing business operations, not separately.

Online fleet management

Stay informed and in control from anywhere, any time. Use your configurable homepage dashboard and access a library of pre-built reports to make management easy.

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