Fleets for sales and service 

We make sure your people stay mobile and productive.

We understand how important your sales and service fleet vehicles are to your business success. At LeasePlan, we make sure your people stay mobile and productive.

Sales Fleet

Your drivers—your sales force—don’t want to worry about their vehicle. They want to sell! But running a sales fleet is a complex business in itself, with decisions and details and management that can get in your way, and keep you from taking care of your core business. At LeasePlan, we are your partner in fleet management. We have the people and the technology, and the flexible services that can reduce your spending and save your time, while keeping your sales force on the road.

Service fleets

Your service fleet is your face to your customers. For the fleet to succeed, you need to select the best vehicles for the job: vehicles with appearance and reliability, and specialized features that make your team efficient and effective on the job.

At LeasePlan, we are passionate about vehicles and servicing customers like you. Our experts will consult with you to learn your specific needs and custom-tailor a solution for you.

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Keeping your drivers safe

Accidents do happen, and when they do, we are there for your drivers. All it takes is one call to the contact centre, where they can report an accident, arrange a tow, or even source a rental vehicle. LeasePlan's 'no driver left behind' policy means we do anything within our power to ensure a driver is never left in an unsafe environment.

Keeping your fleet compliant

Easier vehicle turn-in

At the end of a lease period, we make it easy for drivers to return their vehicles. LeasePlan’s remarketing program sells your vehicles faster—in ten to fourteen days on average, instead of 25 days with traditional auctions. We also let you give your employees the extra “perk” of being able to purchase their used vehicle.

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