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SEUR joins forces with LeasePlan to bolster its eco-friendly fleet and position itself as a leader in sustainable urban distribution

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SEUR has reached an agreement with LeasePlan to reinforce its eco-friendly fleet by acquiring 100 Compressed Natural Gas vehicles on a flexible operational leasing basis.
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The challenges of modern lifestyles, consumer habits and the growing demand for more flexible, quicker deliveries have forced all urban distribution agents to think up new ways of operating in towns and cities which are sustainable and damage the environment as little as possible.

In this sense, SEUR - in collaboration with LeasePlan - has made significant investment in Smart Urban Distribution, based on a strategic commitment through which the company hopes to improve urban life, offering more delivery options whilst also reducing the impact of traffic.

LeasePlan introduced the operational leasing business in Spain over 30 years ago and, nowadays, over 103,000 of its vehicles can be found on the country’s roads.

Thanks to this agreement, the eco-friendly fleet of the leading express transport company will be bolstered with 100 CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) vehicles, which will be used to make super-express deliveries in Madrid and Barcelona, resulting in more sustainable distribution.

“With the boom of e-commerce, not only have we begun to transport large orders from A to B and deliver small packages to thousands of homes each day, we have also successfully anticipated one of the main demands of online shoppers: I’ve just bought it and I want it right now. Bringing these two elements together leads us, on the one hand, to develop innovative solutions focused on the recipient and invest in technology and new installations and, on the other, to adapt our vehicle fleet, which is increasingly present in cities”, explains Marc Bayo, director of SEUR Now.

Personalised mobility

With LeasePlan's flexible operational leasing, SEUR can adapt its fleet volume in line with one-off activities or peaks in service. The company will only use vehicles when it needs them, freeing itself of the routine operations which come with owning a fleet, such as maintenance, tyres, insurance or taxes, which LeasePlan takes care of.

This is an important mobility agreement involving CNG vehicles, signed by LeasePlan in Spain. In comparison to other fuels, CNG is both cheaper and consumes and releases less CO2.

“LeasePlan commitment to sustainable mobility is evident. Our agreement with SEUR demonstrates our desire to drive change towards cleaner fleets for companies. We aim to offer our clients any car, any time, anywhere, and to do so sustainably. In this vein, here at LeasePlan we have joined the EV100 global transport initiative, which strives to make company vehicle fleets electric by 2030”, says Alberto Saez, Managing Director of LeasePlan Spain.

180,000 monthly deliveries using alternative distribution means

Over the last few years, the evolution of SEUR’s professional fleet to a cleaner one has been exponential, driven in part by technology developments and charging points or service stations. Thanks to this, SEUR can now make over 180,000 monthly deliveries using alternative distribution means across 30 Spanish cities.

“We are completely convinced that we can combine our business with caring for the environment and committing to improved quality of life in cities, which is why our eco-friendly fleet will increase over the coming years”, confirms Marc Bayo. “Given that urban traffic restrictions will only intensify in the near future, as operators distributing goods in towns and cities, we have no choice but to reinvent ourselves. In our case, we are committed to an eco-friendly fleet and to micro-hubs: small warehouses in city centres which place us closer to clients, save us time and, often, allow us to make deliveries by bike, electric motorcycle or even on foot”, concludes Bayo.

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Published at April 11, 2018
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April 11, 2018
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