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LeasePlan Spain and DISA join forces to promote sustainable mobility to Canary Island companies

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DISA makes its service stations available to LeasePlan customers on the islands with DISA AutoGas.
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LeasePlan Spain and DISA announce a collaboration agreement that allows Canary Island’s companies acquire vehicle fleets based on the renting model making use of AutoGas fuel, with the guarantee of supply offered by DISA.

By means of this agreement, LeasePlan’s potential fleet in the Canary Island for the upcoming years will have access to DISA Autogas, the alternative fuel which currently offers the higher economic and sustainable advantages to the market. Thanks to this agreement too, all the LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) vehicles that LeasePlan has available on the islands will be able to refuel at the DISA AutoGas stations in Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote.

LeasePlan is a Dutch multinational specialized in fleet management and driver mobility with presence in Spain since 1985. It operates in more than 30 countries and manages 1,8 million vehicles worldwide. In 2017, the company introduced its flexible mobility solutions on the Canary Islands market, which are characterised for being accessible and adaptable to any mobility need and type of company. This allows customers to adjust the volume of their vehicle fleet according to their interests, without facing an additional cost for early cancellation.

In addition, LeasePlan mobility solutions enable companies to benefit from greater efficiency and cost savings, as well as reduce their emissions and meet their sustainability goals. David Henche, Director of Marketing and Communication at LeasePlan Spain, says: "In the Canary Islands, as in LeasePlan, there is a broad sustainable awareness. Therefore, we are working to make our fleet of vehicles more respectful with the environment every day. In this case, through LPG vehicles. Hand in hand with DISA we are able to offer our customers all they need: vehicle, services and a quality supply".

For its part, DISA is the leading energy company in the Canary Islands and the only one that operates in maritime and land transport, storage and distribution, and the marketing of energy products and services in the 8 Canary Islands. The company is committed to AutoGas as one of the solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated by the automotive industry, and thus promote compliance with the commitments made at the International Summit to Combat Climate Change. In this sense, the company has 30 DISA AutoGas points of sale in Spain.

AutoGas is considered by the EU to be the most widely used alternative fuel in the world. Among its main advantages is the economic, since its price is half of gasoline or diesel and also emits 15% less CO2.

It is precisely this environmental advantage that gives this type of vehicle the ECO label, according to the Spanish National Traffic Authority (DGT).

Sustainable strategy LeasePlan is committed to combat climate change by targeting net zero emissions of its worldwide fleet by 2030. Transport is one of the sectors that can contribute most to climate change (30% of CO2 emissions come from transport in the US and 20% in Europe, according to European Commission), so it is of vital importance to encourage and support a process of transition from the internal combustion engine to alternative technologies.

Nowadays, DISA is the first private producer of renewable energy in the Canary Islands with a total of 64 MW of renewable power: 44 MW of wind energy and 20 MW in current production in photovoltaic plants. In addition, DISA Energía Eléctrica markets this 100% renewable electricity towards households, SME and large companies, offering them higher savings on their bills.

This strategic alliance between DISA and LeasePlan Spain reflects the ability of both companies to adapt to the new needs and demands of society, promoting actions that help protect the environment and contributing to the transition towards a low emission mobility in the coming years.

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Published at July 2, 2019
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July 2, 2019
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