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LeasePlan receives AENOR's criminal risk prevention and anti-bribery certificates in favour of an ethical business culture

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LeasePlan has received the certificates of Criminal Compliance Management System, UNE 19601, and Anti-Bribery Management System, ISO 37001. With these certificates, LeasePlan reaffirms its commitment to maintain business relationships always taking into account the highest standards of commitment and professional ethics.
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This morning, AENOR, the leading entity in the certification of management systems, products and services, and responsible for the development and dissemination of UNE standards (a set of standards created by the Spanish Association for Standardisation), held a presentation ceremony. The meeting was attended by the CEO of LeasePlan, Alberto Sáez; the Compliance Officer of LeasePlan, Ainhoa Pérez; and the sales director of AENOR, Nicolás Henríquez.

In the words of LeasePlan's CEO, Alberto Sáez, "these certifications allow us to be sure that our Criminal and Anti-Bribery Compliance Management System is the right one for our organisation and that we have implemented it in an appropriate manner".

The objective of standard 19601 is to set out a structure and methodology for implementing in organisations those organisational and management models to prevent offences covered by article 31 bis of the Criminal Code. The ISO 37001 anti-bribery management system standard provides organisations with a series of measures they can take to prevent, detect and manage criminal bribery behaviour in compliance with national and international legislation and other voluntary commitments.

These certificates are the main reference in Spain for designing and articulating criminal risk prevention systems and are inspired by the highest international standards in this area. In addition, they signify the best practices in management systems to prevent crime, reduce risk and promote an ethical business culture and compliance with the law.

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Published at June 16, 2021
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June 16, 2021
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