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A study carried out by Microsoft has revealed that 96% of consumers worldwide say customer services is an important factor in their choice of loyalty to a brand. How could we not give it the attention it deserves when our business is, actually, all about you? Learn all about LeasePlan’s relational model, which is highly valued by our user community.
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You are the focus of our business, you deserve our full attention

Customer support has evolved in leaps in bounds in recent years, becoming one of the elements that can help a company rise above the competition. In fact, it is currently considered one of the most effective indicators of a company’s credibility. It’s easy to understand why: a growing number of users refer to customer reviews to decide whether or not to use a product or service. These are critical and informed users, who are looking to build a real opinion of a company. According to a study from NoFakes, in Europe around 450K reviews are viewed every day by online users, which adds up to 4 trillion reviews viewed per year. Furthermore, and according to OCU (Spanish Consumer and User Organization), over90% of users read customer opinions and ratings before purchasing a product. Therefore, we focus 100% of our attention on analysing and constantly improving our customer support services and on evaluating user feedback. We have implemented a customer-centric approach to ensure you are at the heart of our operations. And as we strive to create a consistent and positive customer experience across all touch points, it is important to take a collective approach to customer support. LeasePlan’s customer support is so much more than a simple department. We see it as a business approach that permeates the entire organization. Our team members are the brand ambassadors, front-line representatives, who help, guide and accompany our customers throughout their journey, solving their everyday problems along the way. Read about our record-breaking ratings and customer feedback.

The ‘relational model,’the key to our success

At LeasePlan we don’t have the magic formula for positive user ratings. But what we do have is an excellent team of professionals who put their heart and soul into building strong relationships with customers. In addition to working with highly specialised teams, our management model stands out for the solid and close relationship we build with each and every one of you. Our customers are part of the LeasePlan DNA, you are our partners. And that’s why the mission of our relational model is not only to find the appropriate solution to your problem. We also focus on how that problem is solved, customising our solution to your particular case. Our attention to detail gives you the confidence and security you need, strengthening our commitment to you. This approach is not only one of the aspects that most differentiates us from the competition, it is also our way of thanking you for choosing us. LeasePlan’s relational model becomes even more relevant in this digital age. In our effort to offer you the best service and quality, we have created a suite of digital tools, including LeasePlan Assistant and the Online Office, which are operated by real people, a human team. This gives us first-hand information regarding your concerns and allows us to find the best way to solve them and achieve operational excellence on all fronts.

Customer ratings

Clearly, customer ratings make the difference nowadays. At LeasePlan we have been placing customers at the heart of our business for decades, and that is an aspect that our users value positively. [](targetSelf:● )

Striving for constant improvement

Excellence in customer support means being ready to respond in the best possible way and having a positive presence in our customers’ lives. More and more, customers expect their problems to be solved promptly and empathically, in a simple and intuitive way, combining digital tools and a team of people that can provide a smart, human and friendly relationship. The solution involves a combination of metrics provided by digital tools and different indicators obtained from interactions with customers. This information gives us insight into the channels that need improvement and the aspects that are most valued by users. At LeasePlan we measure practically all our interactions with you, so everything is registered for subsequent analysis and improvement. This data reaches peak relevance at the quality plan meeting, where we undertake an in-depth analysis of how to improve customer support. We start by looking at all the information provided by customers in ratings and satisfaction surveys. And then we identify critical points and draw up action plans to improve products or services, involving all the departments concerned.

Customer support should be considered a proactive component that seeks to satisfy user needs, adding greater value. In our effort to offer a unique and highly satisfactory experience, LeasePlan advocates specialization, customization, proximity, speed and security. A relational model that we monitor constantly to achieve excellent.

Published at December 21, 2023
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December 21, 2023
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