Returning the vehicle

LeasePlan (Switzerland) Ltd

Returning the vehicle - how to proceed?

Please return your vehicle in the same condition as when it was handed over to you.

What to consider additionally?

If your vehicle was supplied with winter tyres, the complete set must be returned. The same applies to summer tyres if the vehicle is returned in winter. All vehicles must be returned in due and proper condition, i.e. with no damage exceeding fair wear and tear for the mileage of the vehicle. Please have any such damage repaired before the vehicle is returned or notify the LeasePlan insurance department accordingly. Vehicles must be returned as supplied originally.

All subsequently installed equipment and markings that are not covered by the contract must be removed. Following the collection of the vehicle, the LeasePlan (Switzerland) Ltd partner SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance SA) will prepare a status report detailing any damage exceeding fair wear and tear for the mileage of the vehicle.

You will not be charged for acceptable damage resulting from normal vehicle use. Damage exceeding what is deemed normal for the given mileage will be calculated on a pro-rata basis according to vehicle age and mileage. Insurance cases, missing parts and damage to the interior are excluded. Such damage is taken into account in full. All other damage affects the visual and/or functional condition of the vehicle and therefore the price a potential buyer is prepared to pay for the second-hand vehicle.

For detailed information on damage assessment, please consult the «Fair Wear & Tear guidelines»

Returning the vehicle