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Emissions sticker for Geneva

As your mobility service provider, we would like to inform you of upcoming changes in connection with the low emission zone in the Canton of Geneva that may affect you.

1. Background On 15 January 2020, the Canton of Geneva became the first Swiss canton to introduce a low emission zone for which vehicular access will require an emissions sticker (Stick`Air).2. Which areas are included in the low emission zone in the Canton of Geneva? The entire metropolitan area of Geneva and parts of the municipalities of Carouge, Cologny, Lancy and Vernier are included. There is a transitional grace period until 31 March 2020, after which a fine of CHF 500 can be imposed for transgressions.3. What does this mean for your fleet vehicles? Depending on the emissions code and category of your vehicle, you will need a sticker to be able to drive into the areas mentioned.4. Are there driving bans? Which vehicles are affected? Depending on the alert level and air quality, only one to a maximum of three vehicle categories may enter the above-mentioned areas between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. Vehicles registered in the canton, in other cantons and in foreign countries are affected.5. How do I determine the category of my vehicle? [Here](targetBlank:https:// you can determine which sticker you require – alternatively, you can find an overview of the Canton of Geneva [here](targetSelf: Dove si trova il codice/tasso di emissioni del veicolo? Il codice/tasso di emissioni è indicato nella licenza di circolazione alla posizione 72 ([link](targetSelf: Where can I obtain the Stick'Air sticker? The easiest way is to buy the sticker from a petrol station or garage in the area for CHF 5. You will find a detailed list (Excel) under the following [link](targetBlank: Can the badge be obtained with the “LeasePlan TravelCard”? Unfortunately not, but we are working with our partners to find a simplified solution for obtaining the sticker.