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What is FlexiPlan? FlexiPlan is a simple and flexible mobility solution for companies with a temporary mobility requirement, where concluding a regular leasing contract for a longer term, such as several years, is unnecessary. For example, FlexiPlan is a good option for temporary projects, hiring new employees with a trial period or employee postings from abroad. You receive a car for a period that suits your needs under Full-Service Leasing, i.e. with the same services that you would get with an operational lease agreement: insurance, maintenance, breakdown assistance, replacement cars, tyres (and winter tyres), vignette and fuel card – everything is included. You have a choice of various vehicle categories, from compact city cars to SUVs or vans. We have the right solution for your needs. What services are included in my FlexiPlan contract? The contract provides you with the use of the vehicle in your selected category at a fixed monthly rate – with no surprises at the end of the month. Regardless of the vehicle category you choose, the following services are included at no extra charge (for mileage: 4,000 km): - Mileage: 4,000 km per month - Vehicle delivery: throughout Switzerland within 24 hours - Monthly rental fee: insurance, maintenance, road taxes & vignette - Insurance: incl. excess of CHF 1,000 for all vehicle groups - Repairs and maintenance: the vehicles are always in perfect condition - Winter tyres: during the winter season, your vehicle will be delivered with winter tyres - Fuel card - Replacement car: ensuring your mobility in an emergency - Driver Contact Centre: trained employees from Switzerland for all matters relating to your vehicle - Breakdown assistance: 24/7 breakdown assistance (national and international) What insurance cover is included in FlexiPlan? Fully comprehensive insurance and 24/7 assistance are included with all FlexiPlan vehicles. The excess payable is a maximum of CHF 1,000. For a surcharge, you can reduce the excess entirely to CHF 0. We will gladly advise you on all aspects of insurance – just call us on 044 746 63 43.What rental periods are available to me? We offer FlexiPlan for rental periods from 1 – 24 months.Is this offering aimed exclusively at companies? Yes – this offering is subject to change, based on the relevant terms and conditions, and is aimed exclusively at business customers. Do you perform a credit check? Yes – we simply require your company’s latest complete annual financial statements, including balance sheet and profit and loss account. Where can I take delivery of my FlexiPlan vehicle? We will deliver your vehicle within 24 hours free of charge throughout Switzerland.What do I have to do before and during delivery of the FlexiPlan vehicle? 1.    Please present your valid driver’s license. You must have held a valid driver’s license for at least 1 year at the time of delivery. 2.    You must inspect the vehicle together with the delivery agent so that any damage can be reported immediately, and countersign an inspection report and the handover contract with the agent. 3.    Always keep these documents in the vehicle. Can someone else drive my FlexiPlan vehicle? Yes, if your company has provided written consent for this. Please note that this person must have had a valid driver’s license for at least 1 year (see General Terms and Conditions). Before using the vehicle, the added driver must send us (LeasePlan) a copy of their driver's license.What do I have to do when returning the FlexiPlan vehicle? 1. Please contact the Driver Contact Center at least 24 hours in advance to inform them that the vehicle will be returned. Please provide the date, time and address at which you want the vehicle to be collected. 2. Please remove all personal objects from the vehicle. 3. Another vehicle inspection is carried out when the vehicle is returned. Please report any new damage immediately. Where can I find all the important information and contact addresses for my FlexiPlan vehicle? Upon concluding the FlexiPlan contract with LeasePlan, you will receive a Driver Manual. You are welcome to request a digital version of this later from sales.ch@leaseplan.com .

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