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One million additional charging stations for the EU by 2025

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To help curb climate change and prevent greater adverse effects on our environment, we urgently need a drastic reduction in CO2 emissions.
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• The complete EV Charging Index can be found here • The open letter from LeasePlan to the European Commission can be found here (Englisch)

The switch to electric mobility is a key piece of the puzzle in the fight against climate change. The range of electric vehicles is increasing, making them more affordable for the general public; however, charging infrastructure is not yet adequately developed in many countries, which is preventing electric mobility from spreading more quickly.

More charging stations, more electric vehicles

According to LeasePlan’s current EV Charging Index, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden already have very well-established charging infrastructures. These countries have also seen a significant spread of electric vehicles. When it comes to charging infrastructure in Europe, Switzerland is ranked somewhere in the middle. The spread of electric vehicles is thus not occurring so quickly here.

The future is (also) electric

For LeasePlan, electric mobility is a key component in the vehicle mix of the future. However, the current gap between the number of electric vehicles and the charging infrastructure available urgently needs to be closed. According to LeasePlan’s prognosis, Europe will be short of around 1 million charging stations by 2025. To raise greater awareness of this supply gap, LeasePlan has worked with We Mean Business and Arcadis to draft an open letter to the European Commission. We can only electrify mobility by working together – for a cleaner planet, where we can all live sustainably and well.

Published at September 24, 2019
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September 24, 2019
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