Ford Mustang Mach-E®

Ford Mustang Mach E seitlich


Ford’s Mustang Mach-E® SUV brings the swagger of the standout iconic Ford Mustang® to the world of EVs. The all-electric 5-seat SUV melds statement Mustang® exterior design with a premium quality interior, that includes a B&O sound system and a 15.5” touchscreen and digital cluster.



On top of visual swagger, Mustang Mach-E® boasts various stand out EV performance credentials, including a driving range of up to 600km (Premium Extended Range RWD), 0-100 km/h from 3.8s (GT) , and 10-80% charging in approximately 33mins(Select[SR RWD]/Premium [SR AWD]) – choose your spec based on the performance aspect that best suits your wants and needs. EV performance and Mustang® swagger. Mustang Mach-E®: All-Electric. Standout Iconic. And that’s before we mention Ford BlueCruise!

Emotive Design

  • DesignIconic Mustang® design cues including tri-bar rear lights
  • CharacterPowerful, muscular stance
  • ColoursBold colour options for further enhanced swagger

Premium Interior & Tech

  • InteriorPremium interior materials (Premium & GT) and flowing cockpit design
  • Entertainment B&O Soundbar & 15.5” touchscreen
  • Driver assistance system‘Hands-off, eyes-on’ motorway driving with Ford BlueCruise (subscription required)

All-Electric Performance

  • WLTP RangeUp to 600km (Premium Extended Range RWD)
  • Acceleration 0-100 km/h from 3.8s (GT)
  • Fast Charge Time10-80% in approx. 33mins (Select)
Ford Mustang Mach-E Seitenprofil
Mustang Mach-E Fünf Sterne NCAP-Sicherheitstest

Top-rated ADAS

With Ford BlueCruise, Mustang Mach-E® brings feet-off the pedals, hands-off the wheel, eyes-on the road driving to European motorways. Recently named Consumer Reports Top Rated Active Driving Assistance System Winner, experience it with a free trial and subscribe if you like it – we’re sure you will!
Mustang Mach-E(R) Interieur

Advanced Infotainment

The 15.5” touchscreen in Mustang Mach-E® features Ford SYNC 4A technology providing intuitive access to vehicle feature controls, including different drive modes, and the entertainment system. Tether smartphones wirelessly for nearly seamless connectivity.
Mann bedient FordPass App

Easy charging

Remotely access Mustang Mach-E® with FordPass™ app - set departure times for pre-conditioning, check and pay for charging and access many more EV features all from your smartphone. The BlueOval™ Charge Network includes over 500,000 charge points across Europe. Confidence and connectivity on the go.