Need a fit-for-purpose vehicle on a short-term contract? Check out Flex

At LeasePlan Canada, we understand that your vehicle needs may fluctuate from time to time. So we created Flex, a customized and affordable short-term leasing solution for Canadian businesses.

What is Flex?

Flex is the perfect solution for those companies with unclear, fluctuating or short-term mobility needs. It’s a full-service leasing solution that offers flexibility in contract duration and mileage, and you won’t be penalized if your mobility needs suddenly change.


Key Benefits of Flex

Why is Flex a great fit for your business?

For any of your vehicles on the Flex program, we’ll provide the same great service as we do for the rest of your fleet. And with strategic planning and ordering, we’ll make sure any short-term vehicle you require is fit-for-purpose to meet your needs. Our fleet management experts can also work with you to determine how to optimize other areas of your fleet, allowing your entire operation to benefit from our relationship.

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