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Results from Business Car Barometer 2021

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LeasePlan Sweden releases its annual company car survey in which 4236 drivers have participated. The results showed that Volvo is the most chosen company car...
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Volvo is Sweden's most chosen company car, but Tesla and BMW have the most satisfied drivers. This is shown by LeasePlan's annual company car survey. In addition, it appears that more and more people are choosing electric alternatives, but that more than every other company car on the roads is still a diesel or petrol car. 

Today, LeasePlan Sweden releases its annual company car survey in which 4236 drivers have participated. The survey shows that Volvo is still Sweden's most chosen company car, 31 percent of the drivers have a Volvo. In second place is Volkswagen with 22 percent, followed by BMW with 10 percent and Mercedes with 9 percent. The most satisfied, however, are the Tesla drivers. They give their car a 4.4 overall rating on a five-point scale. In second place is BMW (4.3), followed by Mercedes and Mini Cooper (4.2) and Volvo and Lexus (4.1). Most dissatisfied are the Renault drivers, who give their car an average rating of 2.8. 

“As many as ten car brands receive a four or higher average rating on a five-point scale, which shows that company car drivers are very satisfied in general. Tesla receives the highest overall rating for the second year in a row”, says Malin Malm, Commercial Director at LeasePlan Sweden. 

The most important thing for company car drivers when choosing a car is safety followed by access to Bluetooth, the total cost and that the car has a towbar. The least important are design details such as the car's color, leather upholstery and glass roof. 

Electric alternatives are fast becoming more common  The transition to a fossil-independent vehicle fleet is progressing and more and more company car drivers are choosing electric alternatives. However, diesel is still the most common fuel among drivers, but the proportion is declining. This year, 50 percent answer that they have chosen a diesel car, which is a decrease of twenty percentage points compared to when the same question was asked last year. 33 percent state that they have petrol + electricity, which is an increase of 13 percentage points, 5 percent have an electricity + diesel (+2 percentage points from 2020) and another 5 percent have a clean electric car (+3 percentage points). 5 percent of drivers have a petrol car. 

“It is gratifying that more people have chosen electric alternatives. Unfortunately, we believe that this is a development that will be slowed down considerably due to the changes in benefit taxation that the government has now voted through”, says Malin Malm, Commercial Director at LeasePlan Sweden. 

"If we are to succeed in achieving the goal of a fossil-independent vehicle fleet by 2030, we need clear incentives to switch to an electric car from the government. Making it less cost-effective for companies to choose an electric car, and rather equating the cost with that for private individuals, risks slowing down the transition to an electric vehicle fleet properly. A transition that the companies have driven in many ways", says Malin Malm. 

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Published at June 7, 2021
June 7, 2021
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