GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems

Vehicle fleet tracking with telematics

Telematics systems and GPS tracking software allow you to monitor your fleet in real time.  Our Telematics gathers accurate, real-time data to help keep your drivers safe, improve your fleet’s efficiency and save you money. Accurate in-vehicle data is available to you via online dashboards, including access to a wide range of reporting options.


  • Monitor driving behaviour - like speeding, harsh braking and cornering
  • Identify at risk drivers, promote safer driving practices
  • Reduce accidents and insurance costs
  • Access data to investigate accident causes

More efficient:

  • Identify underutilised vehicles
  • Measure engine hours to improve maintenance scheduling
  • Manage job scheduling and route planning
  • Use geo fencing to spot vehicles used outside defined territories
  • Measure downtime when vehicles are serviced or repaired real-time data, clearer oversight, enhanced safety and better performance.

Improved cost controls:

  • Better driver behaviour means less fuel, fewer maintenance issues and lower costs
  • Reduce unnecessary idling to reduce costs

Engine wear:

  • Minimise non-essential vehicle use
  • Initiate pre-emptive maintenance activities for high workload vehicles
  • Validate fuel card use with vehicle location matching
  • Track and recover stolen vehicles
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