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At LeasePlan, our mission is to provide innovative, sustainable vehicle leasing solutions whoever you are and wherever you need to be — so you can focus on what’s next.

LeasePlan New Zealand

In New Zealand, LeasePlan now manages more than 21,000 vehicles for clients representing corporate, government and SME’s. We are proud of the relationships we have built with clients and suppliers that have allowed us to do this.

No other New Zealand fleet leasing company can offer such a broad range of vehicle management systems and services supported by an international resource base.

At LeasePlan, we're focused on building strong, long term relationships and utilising our knowledge to create processes that allow our suppliers, customers and LeasePlan to profitably do business. These processes must also assist our business partners so they can remain focused on their core business.

We offer a wide range of leasing and fleet management products, designed to suit the specific requirements of any client, regardless of its fleet size. We would be happy to help you look into the possibilities that we can offer in the field of fleet management.

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Join the team and be a part of a dynamic, growing business.

Join the team and be a part of a dynamic, growing business.

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