Advantages of a flexible leasing program

Adjust your program based on the needs of your fleet

What are recalculations and how can I benefit from them

In LeasePlan Mexico the main objective of the recalculation program is to readjust your lease amount to translate it into lower losses for you and your business as well as an optimal result in the implementation of the services we offer you in quantitative terms.

That is, you pay for what you consume once we analyze the performance of your fleet and compare it with what you hired we give you the option of recalculation that essentially consists of 4 different types: change of circulation entity, change in the insurance policy, extension of the lease time and variations in the previously budgeted mileage. The last two being the most frequent and on which we will emphasize.

Types of recalculation

Now you know, LeasePlan sees for you and your pocket. For any questions, contact us and we will gladly give you more information on the subject of recalculations.

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